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HarbourEdge investors include family, friends, high net worth individuals, family offices, wealth managers, institutional investors, foundations, endowments and pension funds.


Many of our investors count on HarbourEdge MIC monthly interest payments to enhance their retirement lifestyles. Others compound their earnings through our dividend reinvestment plan.


To date, the majority of our investors have come through referral. After a decade of prudent, profitable annual returns, we have earned our investors’ trust.


How we invest your money

HarbourEdge issues short-term financing loans secured by a mortgage on real property to finance select real estate development and construction projects. Among others, these include:

● Construction bridge financing
● Construction mortgages
● Private mortgages
● Construction loans
● Subdivision & land servicing financing


The members of our Management Team come from construction and development, institutional finance and accounting backgrounds, so we understand our niche very well. At any given time we have upwards of 70 loans in our mortgage portfolio from an investment fund of approximately $240 million.


Our key business objective is Preservation of Capital through careful risk management. There are many factors involved in managing risk, beginning with astute investment choices. Among the numerous financial management techniques we employ in underwriting mortgages, the following are key tools that we use to limit risk:

Loan-To-Value ratio (LTV) Historically the average amount of loans made to borrowers have represented no more than 65% of the appraised value of the assets held under security at the time of advance. This means that investors benefit from a higher level of borrower equity in the assets we underwrite. A low LTV is a key underwriting tool.

Concentration Risk We continually monitor concentration risk to ensure that no one loan exceeds 10% of the total portfolio. Having our eggs in many baskets helps manage risk.

Liquidity The HarbourEdge mortgage portfolio is comprised of mortgages with a short average term to maturity. When paid out at maturity, this serves to increase the liquidity of the investment, providing liquidity that longer-term mortgages cannot.

Due Diligence For every new mortgage, HarbourEdge personnel carry out an on-site inspection before finalizing our commitment. We inspect again prior to every subsequent advance on construction funds, ensuring the scope of work is consistent with funding requests.



Investor Testimonials


I made my initial investment in HarbourEdge in 2007 and have continued to add to that investment over the last number of years.  I have been impressed with the availability of staff to answer any questions I have had and the comprehensive statements received.  I do not usually recommend investments to any of my friends but have passed on information about the company and advised them to consider talking to the HarbourEdge Team.  This is how I got involved and I have found this to be an excellent investment.  I certainly will be adding to my portfolio with HarbourEdge when ever possible.


Grace Adshade


Ellen and I have been investors in HarbourEdge for several years now. In this world of concern for investment risk and capital preservation, we feel HarbourEdge gives us the best investment model we could find. The diversification of the mortgage portfolio, the focus the management Team puts on low risk loans, and the hands-on approach for “top box” returns for their investors, all contribute to an investment we would consider to be a secure way to exceed general market returns and volatility. I do not hesitate to recommend an investment in HarbourEdge Mortgage Investment Corporation to friends, family and business colleagues.


Chris & Ellen Budd


Business and investment success in my view is driven by a management’s determination to win and delivering upon agreed objectives while maintaining a high level of integrity.

Prior to investing in HarbourEdge, I was exposed to Larry Dunn and his Team in developing the Georgian Bay Golf Club, overcoming substantial roadblocks, and delivering a first class golf course.

I felt that the HarbourEdge Team possessed those same attributes that could lead to a successful MIC. Our family were early investors and have subsequently added to our initial investment. We have a high level of confidence in the Management Team.


David & Paula Butterfield


There are a number of reasons to invest in Harbouredge Mortgage Investment Corporation besides the excellent yield or return on investment. The most important is the management that harnesses the talents and experience of two key individuals. The president has the banking background that ensures the proper documentation and analytical skills that are necessary for mortgage lending. The chairman has extensive and very successful real estate development knowledge that ensures an exit strategy necessary for prudent loans. The firm has grown and expanded its workforce with very capable people that make sure its investors have full disclosure and transparency. For these and many other good reasons, I have no problem suggesting that people invest in this enterprise since it has been very rewarding to our family.


Ron & Nancy Graham


5 Investment return will fluctuate over time. Past performance may not be repeated.