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HarbourEdge Mortgage Investment Trust (HarbourEdge MIT) benefits from the significant expertise of three principals: Larry Dunn, Tim Dwyer, and Bob Turbitt. Together, they have extensive experience in real estate development, residential and commercial construction, investment banking, accounting and governance, and mortgage underwriting.

This unique combination of experience—banking, accounting and real estate development—enables HarbourEdge to accurately gauge a deal’s potential. It also serves to define our niche.

The HarbourEdge Group of Companies is organized as follows: HarbourEdge Capital Corporation issues and manages mortgages. HarbourEdge Asset Management Corporation was formed to raise capital on behalf of the HarbourEdge MIT. The HarbourEdge MIT is a privately owned Trust offering investors the opportunity to participate in an alternative investment class of a diversified, secure portfolio of professionally managed, high yielding Canadian residential and commercial real estate mortgages.

Preservation of Capital

HarbourEdge adheres to a strict set of underwriting and administrative criteria to support our core values, the chief of which is Preservation of Capital. This demands effective risk management, which begins with wise investment choices based on years of experience.

There are also two central mechanisms that we use to help manage risk: a low Loan-to-Value Ratio (LTV) and a low concentration risk. To date, the HarbourEdge mortgage portfolio LTV has not increased beyond 75%. This higher proportion of borrower equity is a key part of our success in mitigating loan losses. In the same manner, no one new loan underwritten constitutes 15% or more of the portfolio, distributing risk across multiple investments.

HarbourEdge lending criteria are stringent and our LTV is low. We know our business well—a fact corroborated by the returns that we are able to provide our investors.

Our Strategic Advantage

The advantage HarbourEdge has lies in the expertise of our principals, specifically their construction and institutional finance experience. Banks look at construction projects from a pure numbers point of view. Thanks to our extensive background in real estate development and lending, our evaluation is more holistic.

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